We help bring innovative product ideas to life. 

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New Product Development

Radicand specializes in developing cutting edge, first-of-a-kind hardware products. We understand how to prove out new ideas and how to transition from prototype to production.

We are a world-class technical development partner serving early phase start-ups and some of the world’s largest tech companies.

Startup Strategy

Learn from experienced founders and product design engineers who know the ropes. We can help you formulate a prototyping strategy to minimize risk and maximize return.

We know how to build and manage a team to guarantee technical innovation.

Executive Education

Our leadership team was trained in Design Thinking methodology at Stanford University and Lean Startup methodology at Y Combinator. We bring this tried and true framework together with our years of boots-on-the-ground engineering experience to deliver breakthrough innovation with unparalleled speed and efficiency.  Join us for hands-on training, workshops and off-site events. 

"Radicand is a superpower to accelerate your product development"

Luke Iseman, Y Combinator


Engineering Consulting

We offer a full suite of mechanical and electrical design consulting services to help make your vision a reality. 

Rapid Prototyping

We can help you build, test, and iterate through to production.  We have experience with a wide variety of manufacturing processes.  

Design Strategy

We understand how to navigate the path from concept to product, and how to maximize your ROI.

Workshops & Training

Learn lean startup methodology from experienced technical founders from Stanford and Y Combinator.